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IPN8710 Water pipe inner wall

Water pipe inner wall
Such cases for IPN8710 corrosion.

When the corrosion of steel in more types of media, such as acids, alkalis, salts, oxidants and water vapor, etc., the coating must be chemically inert, acid salt corrosion, the coating should be compact structure, water permeability, adhesion, tough fullness.

IPN8710 anticorrosion steel pipe
+ Water supply pipe ipn8710 anti-corrosion steel pipe

water supply pipes within the wider variety of corrosive media, there is acid, alkali, salt, oxidizing and water vapor, etc., coatings must be chemically inert, acid and alkali salt corrosion, the coating should be compact and water permeability, strong adhesion , tenacity fullness.

IPN8710 primer: from polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigment, filler, additives such as composition, room temperature curing to form interpenetrating networks, film structure, dense, acid, alkali, salt, rust-proof performance, strong adhesion.

IPN8710 finish: from epoxy, rubber and resin-modified, non-toxic anti-rust pigment, filler, additives etc.. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial erosion.

Uses: IPN8710 primer for water supply pipeline wall corrosion grounding coating;
Diameter range is Φ325 - Φ2220
IPN8710 finish for water supply pipeline wall corrosion finish.

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Anti corrosion pipe
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