Rectangular Finned Tubes

We offer rectangular finned tubes as single or twin tubes in addition to the proven helical or spiral fin design.

Rectangular Single or Twin Finned Tubes

These rectangular finned tubes are particularly good suited for dust laden exhaust gases that tend to scaling, e.g. for economizers in coal or oil fired units. Straight tube arrangements favour a decrease of scaling as well as easier cleaning and maintenance and will lower the resistance coefficient.

A192 SMLS H Bolier Square Heat Exchanger Fin Tube Of Waste Heat Recovery Unit

We are designing and manufacturing fin tube modules, economizers/heat exchangers and the suitable heating surface cleaning systems according to your requirements.

H fin tube known as square fin tube, there are two types of H fin tubes, one type with single tube, normal called square fin tube, the other with Double tube, normal called rectangular fin tubes. and also manufactured as per customers requirements. Due to rectangular shapes, which can offer large surface area compared to the Spiral Finned tubes. Due to larger surface area available, these finned tubes are used mostly in Air Heating application to reduce the overall size of the equipment.

H fin tube is a kind of boiler parts, which has two steel circular welded on base tubes to form fins positive shape much like letter "H", so called H-fin tube. H-economizer widely used in utility boilers, industrial boilers, marine power, such as the tail of heat exchanger components.


H Finned Tube economizer has two rectangular fins, similar to a square, its edge length for the fluorescent tubes of 2-fold, an expansion of the heating surface.

Rectangular Fins are welded on 2 steel base tubes. We call it HH or Doule H Fin Type Tubing.

HH Finned Tube economizer flash resistance welding processes used the welding seam after the high rate of fusion, weld tensile strength, and have good thermal conductivity. H-economizer can also manufacture dual tube "double H" type fin tubes, its rigid structure, and can be applied to a longer tube row occasion.

Single pipe square finned tubes and twin pipe rectangular finned tubes are also manufactured as per customers’ requirements. These are particularly suitable for dust laden exhaust gases, e.g. for economizers in coal and oil fired units or waste incinerators.