Customized Bend Extruded Fin Tube

Fin tube bending

As an added service to our customers, Fin Tube has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to provide for your tube bending needs.

Customized Bent Extruded Fin Tube

Customized Bend Fin Tube and extruded fin tube supplied and exported by Sunny Steel, a world-class manufacturer in heat exchanger fin tube industry.

High Efficiency Condensor Heater Use Fin Tube Coil

The finned tubing can be twisted and bent into numerous shapes. By forming a tube length into a U-shape, circle, square, or serpentine configuration, limited space is utilized rather than being wasted.

U bent extruded fin tube

G fin tube consists of aluminum fin strip that is mechanically embedded into the wall of the tube. The embedding process is controlled by tooling that first plows a groove into the tubes outside diameter, then guides the base of the fin into the groove and finally locks the fin in place by rolling the groove closed on the base of the fin. This ensures that maximum heat transfer is maintained at high tube metal temperature 400°C.


  • Tube: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, stainless steel and dual-phase steel
  • Fin: Aluminum/Copper, Al1060/1070/1100, etc

Aluminum embedded fin tubes are typically used in higher temperature applications.

1. Air cooler, processing cooling, lube oil cooling

2. Heat exchanger, steam air heater

3. Economizer

4. Gas compressor

5. Waste incinerator

6. Blast furnace/ rotating furnace, etc

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