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Flanges General
Standard we supply

Most common flange types

Regardless of custom sizing or specifications, the fundamental design of most flanges falls under six common styles created to close, connect, cover, or support pipes and pipe systems.

Slip-on Flanges
Slip-on Flanges
Slip-on Flanges - are all bored slightly larger than the O.D. of the pipe.
ASTM A335 P22 alloy pipe
Weld Neck Flanges
Weld Neck Flanges - is normally referred to as the high hub flange.
Blind flanges
Blind Flanges
Blind Flanges - available to seal both pipes and vessels
Lap Joint Flanges
Lap Joint Flanges
Lap Joint Flanges - available in a range of sizes to pair with stub end fittings for easy dismantling
Threaded Flanges
Threaded Flanges
Threaded Flanges - engineered to fit pipes with external threads for weld-free fits
Blind flanges
Socket-weld Flanges
Socket-weld Flanges - designed with a socket fit and top weld for ideal inner flow in pipe systems
Flanges specification, Standard and identification

A flange is specified by the following information:

Specialty flange

Except the most used standard flanges, there are still a number of specialty flange such as:

Spectacle Blind Flange
Spectacle Blind Flange
Spectacle Blind Flange consist of a connected ring (spacer) and a plate (spade).
Long Weld Neck Flange
Reducing Flange
Reducing Flange is used on projects that require the fitting together of different sized pipes.
Weldoflange, Nipoflange
Weldoflange / Nipoflange
Weldoflange / Nipoflange is a combination of a Welding Neck flange and a supposedly Weldolet or Nipolet.
Orifice Weld Neck Flanges
Orifice Flanges
Orifice Flanges generally come with either Raised Faces or RTJ (Ring Type Joint) facings.
Expander Flange
Expander Flange
Expander Flange is using a separate reducer-welding neck flange combination.
Anchor flange
Anchor flange
An anchor flange is a device installed on a pipeline to combat axial movement.
Large Diameter Flanges
Large Diameter Flanges
The large diameter flange is used to connect or to block off two very large diameters sized pipes.
NW Long Weld Neck Flanges
Long Weld Neck Flange
Long Weld Neck Flange is normally referred to as the high hub flange.

Material Grades and Performance

Custom pipe flanges can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and material grades.

Stainless steel flange
Alloy Steel flanges accord to ASTM A182 F1, F5a, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91
Carbon Steel Flanges
Forged steel flange

Carbon steel is a popular solution, as are stainless steel and specialty alloys, depending upon the industry. Plate and forged are also common, as are titanium and aluminum for lightweight jobs.

Flange connection
Pipeline & fittings with flanges

Pipe Flange helps to connect piping components in a piping system with the use of bolted connections and gaskets.

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