Anchor flange

An anchor flange is a device installed on a pipeline to combat axial movement.

Anchor flange

Welded into the line and encased in concrete, they immobilize the pipe at predetermined locations and transfer built-up stresses to external structures. For example, in cross-county pipelines end forces of considerable magnitude are generated by internal pressure and temperature changes. A 24" O.D. x 0.594" wall pipe in a pipeline operating at 1100 psi and subjected to a 90° rise in metal temperature, for example, will develop total thrust of 1,000,000 lbs.

Unless these forces are properly controlled, they can damage pumps, valves and other close-tolerance equipment. Anchor Flange may be used to secure subsea piping and risers to platform structures.

The Anchor flange is designed for immobilization of high pressure pipe lines.

The Anchor flange is a one-piece combination reducer and welding neck flange designed expressly for effecting pipe size increases at flanged connections to pumps, valves, compressors and other equipment. It provides a more compact, more efficient and frequently a more economical means than is permitted by the conventional two-piece combination of a concentric reducer and welding neck flange.

Anchor flange features:
Anchor flange

Prevents movement of the pipe due to thermal changes and external forces
Normally embedded in a concrete thrust block to spread to load over a large surface
Designed for the unique operating conditions of the pipeline

Quality Standard for Anchor Flanges
High quality Anchor Flanges all made and controlled to the relevant standards such as: ASME, ASTM, BS and DIN/WERKSTOFFE.

Sizes for Anchor Flanges

  • All Anchor Flanges are available available in sizes from 1/4” through to any size.
  • Wall Thickness for Anchor Flanges
  • Schedule 5s through to Schedule XXS and heavier.
What is An anchor flange?

An anchor flange is a device installed on a pipeline to combat axial movement. Resembling a collar, once it is attached to a pipe, the anchor flange is commonly anchored into a concrete foundation. Typically placed onto a section of pipeline as it makes a turn or is at a bridge crossing, the anchor flange is used to prevent the pipeline from moving.

Application of An anchor flange

As we know, the steel piping system could move and shake when the liquid flowing through the pipe, especially when the piping system is turning in some places, the liquid will push the turning in the direction of liquids flowing. Another application of the anchor flange, there may bring expansion movements when temperature is changing in the piping system.

Custom Anchor flange

Anchor flange are corrosion resistant and have a wide variety of uses. We carry a variety of threaded flanges, weld neck flanges and slip- on flanges and, of course, we can can custom build steel flanges to your specifications.

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