What is the Function of Stainless Steel Bellows Expansion Joint?

Stainless steel bellows expansion joint mainly has three basic movement types: axial movement, lateral movement and angular movement. What’s the function of stainless steel bellows expansion joint? Generally speaking the functions are absorbing vibration, compensating movement and absorbing noise. Please check below detailed information.

Absorbing piping vibration

On one hand, stainless steel bellows expansion joint can enhance the fatigue rupture capacity, on the other hand, it has function of reducing piping noise.

Compensating piping movement

Take rubber hose as comparison, rubber hose has good flexibility and strong anti-fatigue ability, but it is inferior in temperature resistance, pressure bearing, aging resistance than stainless steel bellows expansion joint, it always needs to be changed after using a few months. While metal bellows owns comprehensive performances of out-standing corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, fatigue resistance, in some complex environment, stainless steel bellows expansion joint is the most ideal element to compensate piping movements.

Piping installation stress

Typical installation problems always seen in some complex piping systems, the problems always caused by limitation of space and location. According to different pipeline diameter and working environment, the cold straightening value differs from several millimeters to dozens of millimeters, even hundreds of millimeters. Practise has proved that the larger of the cold straightening value, the higher of the internal stress, internal stress is a hidden danger to the pipeline system. Since stainless steel bellows expansion joint is able to bend freely and generate minimize internal stress in rated bending radius, thus, it is extremely convenient for installation, that’s the reason why stainless steel bellows expansion joint is the essential pipe fitting for some pipeline systems.