Threaded Flanges

Threaded flanges are widely demanded as pipe flanges i.e called as threaded pipe flanges used in different industrial applications.

Threaed flange

Threaded Flanges are also known as screwed flange, and it is having a thread inside the flange bore which fits on the pipe with matching male thread on the pipe.

This type of joint connection is Speedy and simple but not suitable for high presser and temperature applications. Threaded Flanges are mostly used in utility services such as air and water.

Threaded (Screwed) flange is similar to the Slip-On flange, but the bore is threaded. Its chief merit is that it can be assembled withour welding, explaining its use in low pressure services at ordinary atmospheric temperatures, and in highly explosive areas where welding create a hazard.

Types of Screwed Flanges
The various types of threaded flanges are as follows: 

Standards, Dimensions & Weight of Threaded flanges

Threaded Flanges can be used in very high pressure services and their major advantage is that they can be assembled without welding.

Details of Threaded flange
1. Threaded flange 2. Thread 3. Pipe or Fitting
Uses of threaded flanges :
Threaded flanges are threaded in the bore which match an external thread on the pipe. Threaded flanges are used with pipes that have external threads. The benefit of these flanges is that it can be attached without welding.
Details of Threaded flange

They are the special type of pipe flanges which can be attached to the pipe without welding.

Threaded flanges are often used for small diameter, high pressure requirements. thread flanges with a hub have published specifications that range from 1/2″ thru 24″.


Type: Threaded Flanges, TH Flanges, Plain threaded flanges, Female threaded flanges, Male threaded flanges

Packing: plywood case and plywood pallet