Sleeve compensator

The sleeve type compensator, also known as the tube type telescopic joint, is a compensating device for the hot fluid pipeline, and the sliding movement of the sliding sleeve to the outer sleeve achieves thermal expansion compensation.

We are professional in Sleeve compensator include Single flow sleeve compensator, Rotary compensator, Spherical compensator and Non thrust sleeve compensator.

Structure picture of single flow direction welding type sleeve compensator

Non thrust sleeve compensator

Single flow sleeve compensator

Slip pipe: chromium plating in carbon steel/304

Other: carbon steel

Rotary compensator

The sealing packing material of the rotary compensator can withstand temperature -60℃-800℃.
Slip pipe: chromium plating in carbon steel/304
Other: carbon steel

Spherical compensator

Spherical compensator is used in the bending of pipelines, mainly relying on the angular displacement .

The sleeve type compensator/tube type expansion joint adopts a new type of sealing material flexible graphite ring, which has the characteristics of high strength, no aging, good effect and convenient maintenance. The tubular telescopic joint has a long service life and a fatigue life comparable to that of a pipe.

Fitting specification, Standard and identification

There are different varieties of pipe fittings made of various materials and available in various shapes and sizes.