Low Fin Tube

Low Fin (Integral) tubing is a type of extruded tubing that consists of short low fins.

Titanium Low Fin Tube
Titanium Low Fin Tube

The low fin tube have the advantage of adding surface area to a smooth tube while maintaining the same outside diameter. Low Fin Enhanced tubes can be used in standard shell and tube baffles and tube sheets.

Extruded Low Fin Tubes

This method of construction is very different from cutting grooves onto the tube as is often done by people who are on the lookout for a shortcut or who don’t know any better.

Materials - Low Finned Tubes

We offer you a broad portfolio of materials and can expand our offering at any time to meet your specific needs regarding thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance.

Material Standard
Carbon Steel SA 179 / A 179
Carbon Steel SA 210 / A 210
Carbon Steel SA 334 / A 334
Stainless Steel SA 213 / A 213
Duplex Stainless Steel SA 789 / A 789
Copper & Cu Alloys SB 111 / B 111
Titanium & Ti Alloys SB 338 / B 338

Low-finned tubes solutions are already available in copper, copper-nickel, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Standard Technical Specifications - Low Finned Tubes
Material Standard
Carbon Steel ASTM A 498
Stainless Steel ASTM A 1012
Copper and Copper Alloys ASTM B 359
Titanium ASTM B 891

The uses differ, but as far as pipes with an increased outer surface area are concerned, they are all tubes with welded peripheral fins onto steel pipes, also known as high fin tubes. Low finned tubes involve the formation of fins by direct rotational processing of steel pipes, meaning there is no worry of detachment even if later bent. Moreover, they possess excellent durability and anti-vibration properties once put into operation.

Low-finned tubes are used in following fields:

  • heat exchangers for power plants (nuclear, electric, thermal and geothermal power plants)
  • chemical and petrochemical industries
  • high corrosive systems (evaporators, condensers,...)
  • food processing and refrigeration industries.

Stainless Steel Tube Integral Low Fin Tube

Benefits of Low Finned Tubes:
Low fin dimension capability
Description Size dimension
Tube OD Min. 12,7mm / Max. 31,75mm
Tube thickness (plain section) Min. 1,245mm / Max. 3,404mm
Fin pitch 19 – 26 – 27 – 28 – 30 – 36 fins per inch
Fin height Max. 1,40mm
Tube length Max. 25000mm

A Low Fin Tube is formed by passing a tube through a set of rollers that form the fins from the parent material of the tube by making it flow in the desired way.


Low finned tubes are a reliable solution for controlling the temperature of gases and liquids, or for evaporating and condensing refrigerants. Thanks to their larger heat transfer surface area, they offer considerable potential to save in terms of materials and fill volumes, especially applicable to air and other gases on the fin-side and a fluid on the tube-side. Applied in heat exchanger for oil refinery and petrochemical plants, condenser and heat exchanger for petrochemical plants, condenser & evaporator for power plants,

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