How to mig weld steel tubing

MIG welding plus gas as medium to protect the metal droplet, welding molten pool high temperature metal arc welding method and welding area, called MIG arc welding.

With a solid core wire of the inert gas (Ar or He) shielded arc welding method called melting inert gas protection welding. MIG welding in addition to use metal wire instead of welding torch tungsten electrode in outside. Other and TIG welding. Therefore, welding wire is by arc melting into the weld zone. Electric drive roller according to the welding wire from the spool needed into the welding torch. Dc electric arc heat source is, but the polarity and TIG welding is used for just the opposite. The protective gas is different and want to join in the argon gas to be 1% oxygen to improve the stability of the arc.

MIG welding can be used semi-automatic or automatic welding, wide range of applications. MIG welding can weld a variety of materials, but in recent years due to the carbon and low- alloy steels, and more using argon-rich hybrid GMAW welding, and rarely pure inert gas welding, metal inert gas, therefore, welding is commonly used for welding aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and its alloys and stainless steel. MIG welding can weld various thickness of the workpiece, but the actual production is generally thin plate welding, such as sheet thickness 2mm below using metal inert gas welding welding better. MIG welding can achieve intelligent control of all position welding.

MIG welding has semi-automatic and automatic modes. Automatic MIG welding is applicable to the rules of longitudinal seam, girth and horizontal position of the welding; Short semiautomatic MIG welding is mostly used for tack welding, weld discontinuous welding and aluminium container head, pipe joint and reinforcing ring weldment of welding. Along with the expansion of MIG welding applications, only by Ar or He is difficult to meet the need of shielding gas, thus developed in inert gas to join a small amount of reactive gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide gas mixture as shielding gas. Often called melt reactive gas, welding or MAG. In the welding structure of production, especially in high alloy and nonferrous metals and their alloys in the production of welding, MIG welding occupies very important position.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.