Difference between cold drawn tubes and cold rolled tubes

Cold-rolled and cold drawn belongs to cold working process, but the molding process and the principle, process equipment, molding capability, for purposes are all different.

Cold rolling is the temperature at a temperature below the recrystallization method of cold rolled slab thickness needs; cold drawn is the use of force to pull the metal timber from the hole in the processing method. Should be said that both the dimensional accuracy and surface finish almost, because in standard, cold-drawn and cold-rolled tubes are generally uniform provisions, of course, the price is almost the same.

However, the difference is that for the small size of the pipe, cold drawing method must be used to produce it.

Cold drawn steel tubes for small sizes more suitable diameter of 150mm or more difficult to use than cold drawn up, there are no such large-diameter cold drawn tubes, the United States and South Korea are more common, drawing process better, seamless , so the price may be a little higher than the cold rolling.

Seamless pipe Specification, standard and identification

Seamless pipes are extensively applied for the nuclear device, gas, petrochemical, ship building and boiler industries. Seamless pipes dominates 65% of market share in Chinese boiler industry.