Buried pipeline coating

Buried pipeline act as one of the important facilities of the oil and gas transmission carrier, ground engineering, which is connected upstream resources and downstream users of a link, due to the pipeline long buried in the ground, over time, the outside soil characteristics and topography settlement factors, pipeline corrosion, perforation, leakage, fields and countries have serious losses.

Buried pipeline coating

By construction, the economic losses caused to the oil pipeline and gas pipeline corrosion can be divided into direct and indirect losses. Direct losses include: replacement of equipment and components fees, repairs and corrosion, etc.; indirect losses include: lost production, corrosion, leakage caused by the loss of the product, the accumulation of corrosion products or corrosion damage caused by losses, indirect losses than the direct loss and difficult to estimate. Pipeline corrosion in addition to consider the serious economic losses, it can also cause the leakage of hazardous substances, pollute the environment, or even lead to sudden disaster threat to personal safety. For long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas gathering and transportation pipe network, pipeline external corrosion technology and construction quality is directly related to the safe operation and service life of the pipeline. Pipeline crossing area with complex terrain, soil properties vary widely, buried steel pipeline need to take a different external corrosion measures. The main features of the pipeline external corrosion technology development is reflected in the high-performance anti-corrosion materials, composite, long life and good economy.

Possession corrosion adhesive tape products are mainly polyethylene anticorrosion tape, polypropylene fiber corrosion tape, 660 PE anti-corrosion tape, coal tar epoxy cold tapes, polyethylene anticorrosion tape and polypropylene fiber corrosion tape Maximum range, fully able to meet a variety of pipeline corrosion engineering. It has a strong bond with the backing adhesion, impact resistance and good match with cathodic protection, in North America, South America and some domestic pipeline project.

Three-tier structure polyolefin (PE) is successfully developed in Europe in the 1980s and start using it FBE good anti-corrosion, adhesion, high resistance to cathodic disbonding and high impermeability of the polyolefin material, performance combination of good mechanical properties and resistance to soil stress corrosion structure, by the advent of many engineering applications, especially in European countries, its application was a rising trend. The underlying layer PE epoxy coatings, the middle layer of polymer adhesive, the surface layer of polyolefin. The adhesive can be modified polyolefin, which contains a polar group grafted to the polyolefin-carbon bond in the main chain. Thus, the adhesive can no surface-modified polyolefin blending, but also the use of a polar group with an epoxy resin curing reaction. This combination of characteristics, to achieve optimum bonding strength between the three coating, while the properties and characteristics of the respective layers to make a three-layer coating to be complementary. It is characterized by high cost and complex process.

Weled steel pipe specification, Standard and identification

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.