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A pipe tee is also called triplet,three way and "T" pieces and it can be used to either combine or split a fluid flow.

Tee Size

Most common are tees with the same inlet and outlet sizes, but 'reducing' tees are available as well.

Reducing tee
Seamless reducing teeErw reducing tee
Reducing tees are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications.
Equal tees
ERW Equal teesLow pressure equal tee
Equre tee (or straight tee), means the branch diameter of this tee is same with the main pipe (Run pipe) diameter of this tee.
Barred Tee

Barred tees are pipe fittings with two outlets, one at 90 ° to the connection to the main line that has tiny holes.
Lateral Tee
Lateral Tee
The latrolet (Lateral Outlet) is one kind of tee fittings,which has a 45 degree branch from a pipeline.
Ceramic Lined Lateral pipe Wye
Ceramic Lined Lateral pipe Wye

Ceramic Lined Lateral pipe Wye from a single spool piece to complete piping systems.
Stainless Steel Tee
High pressure reducing tee
We have a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in Stainless Steel Tee manufacturing.
Tees straight and reducing
Tees straight and reducing
The primary purpose of a Tee is to make a 90° branch from the main run of pipe.
Ceramic lined composite pipe tee
Ceramic lined composite pipe tee
Abrasion resistant ceramic lined tee from a single spool piece to complete piping systems.
Pipe cross, corss fittings
A cross fitting allows four direction transition in pipeline fields. Let us know more about pipe crosss.
Saddle previously

Saddle previously is to replace the existing tee fitting, the use of flexibility, praised by domestic and foreign markets.
Buying Tips of pipe tee
What should buyers consider for bulk purchase of pipe tees?
  • Type of pipe tee—whether welded or seamless
  • Standard
  • Size and dimension
  • Wall thickness
  • Material of construction
  • Durability and Economical
  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance etc.

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