Stainless steel flexible multiple tube

Stainless steel tube is safe and reliable, and health and environmental protection, affordable, thin wall of the pipe, and new reliable, simple and convenient the connection method development success, it has more of the other pipe irreplaceable advantages, engineering applications will become increasingly more, use will become increasingly popular, and prospects.

Stainless steel flexible multiple tube

Stainless steel hose, made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel, used as wire and cable protection tube for wires, cables and automatic instrumentation signals, from 3mm to 150mm. Ultra-small-diameter stainless steel hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for sensing line protection of precision optical scales and industrial sensor line protection. It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and tensile strength.

With the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy, the national economy experienced rapid growth, town homes, public buildings and tourist facilities to build a large number of new requirements for hot water supply and domestic water supply. Especially water quality problems, there is growing attention required to improve. Galvanized steel pipe commonly used pipe because of the easy corrosive, under the influence of the relevant national policies will gradually exit the stage of history, plastic pipe, composite pipe and brass became piping system used pipe.

But in many cases, stainless steel pipe more advantages, especially wall thickness of only 0.6 - 1.2mm thin-walled stainless steel tube in a high-quality drinking water systems, hot water systems and the safety and health in the first place feedwater system, have a safe, reliable, and health and environmental protection, affordable. Engineering practice at home and abroad has been proven to be the best overall performance of the water supply system, a new, one of the energy-saving and environment-friendly pipe water supply pipe is also a very competitive bound to improve water quality, improve people's living standards play no comparable role.

Building water supply system, galvanized steel pipes have been the end of the glorious history of the century, new types of plastic pipes and composite pipes have developed rapidly, various pipe also exist some shortcomings, far can not fully meet the water supply pipe Department of the needs and requirements of the state of drinking water and water quality. Therefore, the experts prophesied: building water supply pipe will eventually return to the era of the metal tube. According to the application of foreign experience, identified thin-walled stainless steel tube is one of the best overall performance of the pipe in a metal tube.