Specific classification of finned tubes

Specific classification of finned tubes, there are lot of types of finned tubes, meanwhile also lot of new species comes up.

According to the classification process
  1. rolling forming finned tubes (extruded fin tube);
  2. welded finned tubes ( high frequency welded finned tubessubmerged arc welded finned tubes,
  3. roll forming finned tube
  4. set forming finned tube
  5. casting finned tube
  6. the tension wound finned tubes
  7. inserts the tube .
According to the fin shape classification
  1. square fin tube (Square finned tube);
  2. round finned tube
  3. spiral finned tube (spiral finned tube);
  4. the vertical fin tube (Longitudinal Finned Tube)
  5. corrugated fin tube
  6. serrated spiral finned tubes (Helical Serrated Finned Tubes);
  7. the needle finned tube
  8. the overall plate- fin tube ( plate-fin,
  9. the finned tube (inner finned tube).

And so on.

Depending on whether the finned tubes finned tube material and the same material can be divided into groups :
  1. a single metal finned tube
  2. bi-metal composite finned tube
A single metal finned tube Material Classification
  1. copper finned tubes
  2. aluminum finned tube
  3. carbon steel finned tube
  4. stainless steel finned tube
  5. iron ( steel, finned tube etc. .
By use classification
  1. air conditioning with finned tubes
  2. air-cooled with finned tubes
  3. the boiler : finned water wall economizerair preheater tubes were used
  4. industrial waste heat recovery with finned tubes
  5. other special purpose finned tube etc.

The material certificate including all the tests can be provided, and also with EN10204 3.1standard.

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Recommended finned tubes

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