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Seamless hot rolled steel pipe

Hot rolled seamless steel pipe

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production base deformation process can be summarized as three stages: perforation, extension and finishing.

Seamless steel pipe is alos called CDS pipes (Cold drawn seamless pipe). It’s is used widely in maching parts, shafts, bearings, cylinders having strength of 75000 PSD tensile.

It is a solid carbon steel rod which is pushed on to the mandrel to form the shape of tube.

It is availabe in different sizes.

Hot rolled (extrusion seamless steel pipe):

round tube → heating → ​​perforation → → three-roll rolling, rolling or extrusion → detached → sizing (or reducing) → cooling → ​​straightening hydraulic test (orflaw) → tag → storage.

The steel pipe seamless is mainly reduces the diameter through the tensity to complete, the tensity reduces the diameter process is the hollow parent metal does not have the core rod continuous rolling process.

In guaranteed that the mother manages the welding quality under the premise, the welded pipe tensity reduces the diameter craft is heats up the welded pipe whole to 950 degrees Celsius above, passes through the tensity to reduce the diameter machine again (tensity to reduce diameter machine to altogether have 24 while goings along) rolling Cheng Ge to plant the outer diameter and wall thickness production tube, uses the hot rolling steel pipe which this craft produces has the essential difference with the ordinary high frequency welded pipe after the heating furnace heating its welded joint with parent substance's Microstructure and the mechanical property may achieve completely identically in addition, reduces the diameter machine rolling and the automatic control through the multi-while going along's tensity causes steel pipe's size precision (particularly body roundness and wall thickness precision) surpasses the similar seamless tube. The world developed country production's fluid tube, in the boiler pipe has used the welded pipe seamless craft massively, along with society's development, the domestic hot rolling welded pipe replaced seamless tube's aspect already to form gradually.

The seamless steel pipe applies in the petroleum, the chemical industry, the coal gas, the day fuel gas, the air conditioning, the low pressure fluid conduit, the steel structure and so on high density steel pipe.

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