Ready to honed tube

Supplier & Manufacturer of Ready To Hone Tube. Our product range also comprises of Pneumatic Honed Tubes, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes and Honed Tubes.

Ready to honed tube
  • Graded:St 52
  • Metric size: Inside diameter from 40 to 250mm
  • Max length:14m.
  • Straightness:0.5 /1000
  • Tolerance INT:ISO H9
  • Type: cold drawing

EN10305-1, E235+N Seamless tube

Tubes are provided according to the norm EN10305-1, DIN 2391

Chemical composition(%)
Si(Max) Mn (Max) C Max) P (Max.) S (Max)
0.55 1.60 0.22 0.025 0.025

Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength
Yield Point
% Min
580 N/mm2 420 N/mm2 10

Outer Diameter Excentricity
125 mm 5 %
> 125 mm 7 %
measured according to the formula:
E = (max Wt – min Wt)/( max Wt + min Wt) x 100 %

Bore Ovality

The bore ovality is comprised in the 50 % of the inside diameter tolerances.

  • Marking: SunnySteel, ID, OD
  • Length: unfixed length or fixed length
  • Package: banding with steel strips, braiding parcel at outside
  • Conservation: Anti rust oiled coating on the inside and outside of the surface, plastic caps at both ends.
  • Impact test: -20℃, 27 J (only for special requirement)

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