Precision cold drawn tube

Seamless precision steel tubes are some of our core products – not least because of having one of the leading manufacturers of seamless precision steel tubes.

Precision Cold drawn shapes mean the product that has complicating geometry manugactured by drawing process under temperature.

Product NameStandardGradeSize Range
O.D. mm
Seamless Cold Drawn Precision TubesJIS G3445STKM 11A, STKM 12A, STKM 12B, STKM 12C, STKM 13A, STKM 13B, STKM 13C, STKM 15A, STKM 15C, STKM 17A, STKM 17C, STKM 18A6.00 to 88.90Mechanical and Automobile Precision Tubes
DIN2391ST35, ST45, ST526.00 to 76.00Seamless Precision Tubes







6.00 to 340.00Mechanical Precision Tubes
EN10305-1E215, E235, E3356.00 to 340.00Hydraulic Pressure Equipment
ISO8535-1ST35, ST37, ST526.00 to 16.00High Precision High Pressure Fuel Pipes
Cold Drawn Welded Precision TubesASTM A513MT1010, 1015, 102021.70 to 90.00Automobile Shock Absorber Cylinder, Front and Rear Axle Structural Purpose,

Director Tubes, Engine Hydraulic Tubes

EN10305-2E215, E235, E33510.00 to 90.00
DIN2393S215, S235, S35510.00 to 90.00
DIN2394S215, S235, S35510.00 to 90.00

Production standards

Our customers benefit from high quality products and extensive material and processing expertise.

DIN 2391 standard specifies the Seamless steel tubes used forMechanical and Automobile.

EN 10305 european standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless cold drawn steel pipe...

DIN 17175 steel pipes are used in boiler installations, high-pressure pipelines and tank construction and special machinery

ASTM A179 / A179M - 90a Standard Specification for Seamless Cold-Drawn Low-Carbon Steel Heat-Exchanger and Condenser Tubes

General process of cold drawing

A considerable proportion of the seamless tubes and pipes manufactured through the cold roll piercing technology undergo subsequent cold forming.

The principal reasons behind cold drawing are:

Cold formed steel

Cold-formed steel refers to the use plates or strip bent in a cold state of the various cross-sectional shape of the finished steel. Cold-formed steel is an economical lightweight thin-walled steel cross-section, also called cold-formed steel profiles. Bending section steel is the main material of light steel structure. It has a hot rolling can produce all kinds of thin, reasonable shape and complex cross section.

Hot forging and cold forging

Hot forging means forging blank metal above the recrystallization temperature carried out.

Cold forming performance

Cold forming is not performed in the case of heating the material for punching, bending, stretching and other processing methods. Cold forming processes are cold heading, cold rolled, forging and so on.

The advantages of cold-rolled tube

Cold-rolled tube refers to steel product that is through cold drawing, cold-formed, cold drawn, cold plate or strip processed at room temperature.

Annealing and quenching of cold drawn steel

The annealing of cold drawn steel is commonly used in the production of preliminary heat treatment process. The annealing of cold drawn steel is commonly used in the production of preliminary heat treatment process.

Application of ASTM A179 Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes

ASTM A179 cold drawn seamless carbon steel pipe is mainly used in various sectors of the metal structure facilities, mainly after the rust of steel pieces immersed in 440 - 460 ℃ melting zinc solution, so that the steel surface attached to the zinc layer, which play a preservative purpose.

Weld cold crack

Welded joints cooled to a lower temperature ( for steel, in the martensitic transformation start temperature Ms less ) generated by the weld cracking.

Seamless pipe Specification, standard and identification

Seamless pipes are extensively applied for the nuclear device, gas, petrochemical, ship building and boiler industries. Seamless pipes dominates 65% of market share in Chinese boiler industry.


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