Pall of gloom widespread over European steel market

Despite some growth in buying on the eve of winter vacation and Xmas holidays amply supported by depreciating Euro v/s USD of 2% to 3% over a month, the tidings are still discouraging with poor demand.

Southern Europe is gathering bulk of the flak with poor consumption and cautious customers adhering to need based procurement. Booking at the current market levels is a misnomer lacking assurance of quick liquidation.

Booking interest is only for material ready in stock at prices much below market level. The fervor of year end stocking is absent with slow off take down the supply chain.

Spanish market is nearly dead with very little imports and most of the transactions taking place with domestic mills. The situation in Portugal is even worse with import onslaught from North African Mills and suppliers.

Italian market is marginally better with end users squeezed between higher raw material prices and cheap imports .The mirth is further deepened with political uncertainty.

However Northern Europe is faring better with improved economic condition.

The scope of service includes
1. Domestic pricing information in Germany, Italy and Spain
2. Import pricing information in Germany, Italy and Spain
3. Import levels at Antwerp and Turkey
4. Export levels from Turkey, Rotterdam, China, India and Black Sea

The service is specifically designed to assist steel makers, traders, users and others connected with the industry to keep track of real time prices prevailing in the market and thus comprehensively evaluate steel pricing trends in the region

Methodology and access
1. Benchmark products in each category with fixed commonly used sizes and grades
2. Base prices or effective, as per market trends
3. Average transaction levels which have settled well, based on continuous interactions with domestic mills, overseas suppliers, importers stockiest & service centers and buyers
4. On fixed market oriented payment terms
5. Weekly updates
6. Data available since February 2009
5. Access through web site

Products covered
1. Input materials and semis in Europe
2. Long Products in Europe
3. Flat Products in Europe
4. CFR Turkey prices
5. FOB levels for export FOB Black Sea, China, Turkey and India

The prices are displayed on weekly and monthly basis. They also have search facilities to access old data from the archives. Graphical representation of trends and comparison of price movement 2 or more products is also available.

In addition, you can monitor currency exchange rates, metal prices, BDI for the day as well as access their archives for past data.

Other features include converters for weight, length etc, glossary and advanced search functions. The benchmark product price information is supplemented by global pricing news.

Subscription charges for 12 months access

Currency Single 2-5 6-12 13-25 26-40 40-60
In EUR 825 1,650 2,750 5,500 8,250 11,000

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