Outlet Fittings

Reliable supply outlets (pipefitting) of socketweld and screwed connection types.


The pipe olet is also called the pipe socket, the saddle, and the saddle pipe joint.

Pipe Outlet Fittings (pipe fitting) are supplied according to proven designs and from the highest quality materials, the outlet components we supply are suitable for a variety of heavy duty applications. We supply outlet fittings in a number of hard wearing industrial grades to withstand high levels of flow and corrosion.

Reinforced pipe fittings mainly used for olet connection, instead of using reducer tee, reinforcing plate, reinforcing pipe section and other pipe connection types, it is safe and reliable, reduces cost, simple construction, improves medium flow channel, series standardization, and convenient design and selection. Such outstanding advantages, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter, thick wall pipelines, are increasingly used, replacing the traditional olet connection method.

The main body of the olet is made of high-quality forgings, and the materials are the same as the pipe materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Both the olet and the main pipe are welded, and the connection of the olet or other pipe (such as short pipe, wire plug, etc.), instrument and valve has three types: butt welding connection, socket welding connection and screw connection. Commonly used manufacturing standards for olet stations are MSS SP-97, GB/T19326 and other standards.

Pipe Outlet Fittings / Outlet Material:

Titanium olet, Tantalum, Nickel , Cupro nickel, Zirconium, Hastelloy , Incolloy, HR Alloy, Alloy 20, Monel, Inconel, stainless Steel, Niobium, Nimonics ,duplex olets, super duplex outlet.

Standard: BONNEY ,SAE

Classes: 2000 lbs, 3000 lbs, 6000 lbs, 9000 lbs

Pipe Outlet Fittings / Outlet Type

Socket outlets, Threaded outlets, Welded Olet, Nippolets

Available Olet Fittings are :

They also meet the 2001 edition of MSS-SP-97 Standard- "Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings".

  • Weldolet (WEL)
  • Threadolet (TOL)
  • Sockolet (SOC)
  • Elbolet (ELO)
  • Insert Weldolet
  • Brazolet
  • Coupolet
  • Nipolet
  • Flexolet
  • Latrolet (LOL)
  • Sweepolet
  • Weldoflange
  • Nipoflange
Pipe Coupling VS Pipe Outlet Fittings
Full Coupling fittings
Half Coupling fittings
Reducer Coupling fittings

The olet table is used to open the olet on the main pipe wall; the connection form with the main pipe is welding, and the connection mode with the olet may be butt welding, socket welding or thread; the main pipe and the olet connected by the olet table are vertical or oblique Cross relationship.

The pipe Coupling is used for the connection at the pipe joint of the two pipes; the connection mode of the two pipes to the pipe Coupling is socket welding or thread; the two pipes connected by the pipe Coupling have the same axial direction.

For pipe diameter

  1. Sockolets: refers to the socket welding pipe table for pipe diameter DN15~DN40, see standard MSS-SP-97
  2. Weldolet: refers to the butt welding pipe table for pipe diameter DN50 or above, see standard MSS-SP-97
  3. Threadolet: Threaded pipe stand for pipe diameter DN15~DN40, see standard MSS-SP-97

Full coupling, socket welding, for pipe diameter DN15~DN40, see standard ASME B16.11, GB/T 14383-2008

Half coupling, socket welding, for pipe diameters DN15~DN40, see standard ASME B16.11, GB/T 14383-2008

The olet station is widely used in foreign countries in recent years. The reinforcing pipe fittings used for olet connection replace the traditionally used reducer tee, reinforcing plate and reinforced pipe section, etc., which are safe and reliable, reduce the cost; simple construction Improve the medium flow channel; serialization standardization, convenient design and other outstanding advantages, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter, thick wall pipe.

A cross fitting allows four direction transition in pipeline fields.

Fitting specification, Standard and identification

There are different varieties of pipe fittings made of various materials and available in various shapes and sizes.


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