Chrome plated steel tube

Chrome-plated refers chromium electroplating chrome-plated, there are two kinds of a decorative chrome and a hard chrome.

Precision cold drawn tube
Precision cold drawn tube

The hard chrome plating is relatively good a method for increasing the surface hardness of the method, but many of its advantages and disadvantages, so a lot of cases no uses.

The advantages of chrome-plated

Precision cold drawn tube
Precision cold drawn tube
  • surface finish is good;
  • it will not rust, a little rust there will not be;
  • plating process Zhongyuan part distortion;
  • if the part size is not in place, by adding Jisi chromium to achieve size;
  • surface more beautiful.

The disadvantage of chrome-plated:

  • a high price, not only plated high costs, and even after reprocessing plated; 
  • it is not suitable for the more complicated parts of the surface; 
  • it is too thin thickness, generally only 0. 05-0. 15mm;
  • parts surface finish requirements higher.

Hard chrome plating generally use more machinery is often used in high temperature conditions, such as: mold decorative, chorme plated steel pipe. chrome plating the name suggests, the main purpose is to bright surface, beautiful appearance, anti-rust.

Chrome layer thickness and hardness of the relationship: hard chrome plating hardness increased with the thickness and improve the hardness of the highest value of about 0.2 mm. Later, even if the increase thickness, the hardness will not increase.

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