Carbon steel pipeline

Carbon steel piping is a durable material made from carbon steel, a steel alloy with iron and carbon. Because of its strength and ability to withstand stress, carbon steel pipe is used in a variety of heavy-duty industries like infrastructure, ships, distillers, and chemical fertilizer equipment.

Carbon steel pipeline

Carbon steel pipeline or commonly known as carbon steel pipe or solid steel ingot tube perforation made of capillary, and then hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold call is made. The raw materials of carbon steel pipeline is round billet, round tube embryos are about 1 meter After cutting machine cutting the growth of billets, and by conveyor belt to the furnace heating.

The billet is fed to the furnace heating temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. The fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. The furnace temperature control is the key issue. Round tube came after pressure punch through air. Generally more common punch cone piercing mill, high this puncher production efficiency, product quality, large perforated expanding, which can be worn a variety of steels. Perforation, round tube has been three-roll cross rolling, rolling or extrusion.

After extrusion detached sizing. Sizing mill rotating at high speed through the cone drill into steel embryo punch to form a steel pipe. Steel pipe by the length of the outer diameter of sizing mill drill. Steel pipe by sizing the cooling tower, water spray to cool the tube after cooling, it is necessary to be straightened. Steel pipe belt sent by straightening the metal detection machine (or water pressure test) for internal testing. If the pipe internal cracks, bubbles, etc., will be detected. Steel quality inspection even after rigorous hand selection.

Steel quality inspection, spray paint on the number, size, batch number, and so on. By crane into the warehouse.

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