Bi-metal Abrasion resistant pipes for power plant Ashless

Bi-metal Abrasion resistant pipes for power plant Ashless is cast with mold vanishing vacuum suction casting cladding process.

Rare earth wear-resistant steel, high-chromium cast iron and other single metal wear-resistant pipe, steel hardness directly affects the welding performance, in order to normal use and installation can only reduce the hardness, so its hardness can only be below HRC40, however, Still very unsatisfactory, easy to crack in the welding process. In order to find a balance between high abrasion resistance, weldability and impact resistance, the KMTBCr28 bimetallic composite wear-resistant pipe came into being and has been widely used since the late 1990s.KMTBCr28 bimetallic composite elbow is guaranteed Pipe toughness, weldability and strength (compression capacity) requirements, but also to ensure adequate wear resistance, is an ideal material handling with wear-resistant pipeline solutions.

Material characteristics of dust - resistant bimetallic wear - resistant straight pipe in power plant in the alloy material, the hardness and wear resistance of the best is a high-chromium wear-resistant white cast iron and high quality alloy wear-resistant cast steel (collectively referred to as super-hard wear-resistant alloy). Power plant ash-bimetallic wear-resistant straight tube for the hard phase of M7C3 type carbide, the hardness of HV1500 ~ 1800, which has a good wear resistance, and because the structure of this type of carbide is rod-shaped, so that it Has a high toughness. And in the traditional ingredients based on the addition of rare metals and boron carbide hardener, greatly increasing the hardness of traditional products and fatigue resistance, making its wear resistance is better than other products.

Industry: Product content: composite wear-resistant straight pipe, composite wear-resistant elbow, composite tee, Stone and composite reducer and other pipe fittings;

Power industry: the transport of coal, coal cinder composite wear-resistant straight pipe, elbow and other special-shaped composite wear-resistant pipe
Mine system: underground filling works with wear-resistant straight pipe, elbow and other various special-shaped pipe;

Concentrator: tailings transport pipe, the internal processing plant in the process of conveying pulp composite wear straight pipe, elbow, tee, Stone and other various types of composite over-current pipe fittings;

Coal industry: long-distance transport of coal straight pipe, elbow, three links, Stone; coal washing plant in the process of coal washing straight pipe, elbow, tee, Stone and other various types of composite over-current pipe fittings;

Smelting industry: mineral and solvent transport composite straight pipe, elbow and other special-shaped composite wear-resistant pipe.

Abrasion Resistant Pipe Solutions

Conveying highly abrasive materials, steel piping systems are under constant attack often over long distances.


Because the outer surface behaves like mild steel, the product can be cut and welded with proper procedure in the field, configured into a variety of fittings, and can accept the standard end options of flanges, weld rings and couplings.


We are Quality Department tests and ensures all of our products are 100% inspected unreported. To an offer we customers additional corps of mind, all our products carry a 24-month warranty against defects or faulty workmanship.We fluid-flow products such as pipe and fittings, chokes, orifice plates, etc, carry a warranty against, erosion, defects, and/or faulty workmanship.

The warranty is determined to each creator and the maximum duration maximally in service. Should any of the RS fail within the warranty period, We'll replace or repair the defective product (s) at No. end user. Please contact the Sunny steel for details on the How to obtain a warranty for our products.


As part of our quality regimen, 100% of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products, as well as finished products are thoroughly inspected prior to being entered into our inventory. We have established multiple hold points throughout fabrication as well as a comprehensive final inspection for all products.


Our team are highly trained and experienced in servicing and producing all types of steel supplies. Whether you've got a large construction project, or need parts for industrial machinery, our team of steel fabrication consultants will ensure that your project is provided with the parts you need, when you need them.

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