Aluminum Extruded Fin Tubes Widely Used

Aluminum Extruded Fin Tube is widely applied in barley malt, paper mill, timber drying, tobacco, food processing, coal mining, petrochemical, chemical fiber, construction materials, printing and dyeing, as more than 30 industries.

Meantime, they are also complementing for equipment such as air conditioner, drying oven, drying room, air coolers and so on.

Extruded aluminum fin tube is rolled as an integrity with no thermal contact resistance, high intensity, featured in thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance. Heat exchangers assembled with this kind of fin tube (extruded fin type) is much better than the one equipped with string fin tubes or hectically wound fin tubes (L/LL/KL type fin).

Copper and aluminum com-posited fin tubes are rolled from a muff copper tube, advantaged in tight link, small thermal resistance, good heat transfer efficiency, small flow loss and strong corrosion resistance. When working in long time under heating and cooling conditions, they are durable and not easy to deform.

The integral extruded fin tubes is smooth on surface and easy to clean. When wet cooling in heating and air conditioning project, it is easy to remove the condensation water on the outer surface of the fin, and it is not easy to dust and scale in the heating and other heat exchange.

Embedded G Fin Tube
Embedded G Fin Tube

The fin strip is wound into a machined groove and securely locked into place by back filling with the base tube.

G fin tube consists of aluminum fin strip that is mechanically embedded into the wall of the tube. The embedding process is controlled by tooling that first plows a groove into the tubes outside diameter, then guides the base of the fin into the groove and finally locks the fin in place by rolling the groove closed on the base of the fin. This ensures that maximum heat transfer is maintained at high tube metal temperature 400°C.

Aluminum L-foot finned tube in production
Aluminum L-foot finned tube in production

Fabrication of L fin tubes

The aluminum fin strip or the copper fin strip is folded into an L shape and spirally wound tightly under the action of tension on the outer surface of the base tube. Tension in the fin strip is wrapped around the tube serves to make the fin foot forcefully on the tube, thus hold the fin firmly in place.

An L-shaped foot, 1/16″ wide, is first formed on one side of the fin strip (hence the name L-Foot). The strip is then wound tightly around the tube, with the foot bearing on the tube outer surface. A typical fin spacing is 10 fins per inch of tube length — this can be varied. Tension in the fin strip as it is wrapped around the tube serves to seat the fin foot forcefully on the tube, and to hold the fin firmly in place.

Recommended finned tubes

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