Working pressure for long-distance oil and gas pipeline

Working pressure and diameter of oil and gas pipelines, are first identified in pipeline design framework technical parameters.

Working pressure directly determine the number of pumping stations and compressor stations, steel consumption in the power station unit and piping. Working pressure on the economy and security of the pipeline project is the first. Working pressure is an important part of the design of oil and gas pipelines, the technical and economic conditions of its great influence on the pipeline, the pipeline operating pressure is not too high; optimum working pressure gas pipeline and gas pipeline construction investment and operating costs related to; generally, the high pressure tends to work best value.

The total energy consumption depends on the oil pipeline transportation, total pressure consumption (assuming that the pipeline is located in the ground) and oil unit efficiency , independent of the size and pumping stations working pressure, working pressure pipelines and pipeline operating expenses not directly related, so the diameter is ok, work stress affects only tube road construction investment. Due to work pressure determines the number of steel consumption pumping stations and pipelines. Working pressure construction investment and a great influence on gas pipeline operating expenses. Best working pressure gas pipeline is much higher than the working pressure of the pipeline. Best job stress affect pipeline many factors, such as price pressures and pipe gas stations, etc., but the most important is the gas volume, diameter and strength of the steel pipe. Large gas pipelines at higher operating pressure, the amount of energy required to undertake gas pipeline smaller diameter. In other words, the higher working pressure (optimal operating pressure) can obtain better economic benefits for the gas pipeline project. This is also the reason for the gas pipeline to higher working pressure of development. Currently, high-strength steel pipe emerging, more pipelines to improve the working pressure.

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