What industries use expansion joints?

Expansion joints are used in all kinds of different sectors and in a huge range of different industrial contexts.

Well packing
  • Expansion joints are particularly suited for aggressive chemicals and for abrasion resistance.
Well packing
  • Sunny Steel Metal Expansion Joints can be custom-made from a range of carbon steels, austenitic stainless steels anc ceramic lined.
Stainless steel pipe expansion joint, with control rods
  • Stainless steel pipe expansion joint, with control rods

Essentially, wherever there is a need to control pipework movement expansion joints are required. They are used in factories and power plants wherever thermal expansion needs to be controlled, such as pipelines that connect with condensers or power turbines. They are used in oil and fuel gas applications.

Specific industries that use expansion joints include the Energy sector such as nuclear power plants and district heating schemes.

The Petrochemical industry on oil refineries, pumping stations and oil rigs.

Civil engineering, waste management, sewage treatment, recycling, water treatment, aerospace, aviation, defence, the automotive industry, agriculture, mining, metals manufacturing, food and dairy manufacturing and packaging, and so on.


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