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The ultrasonic flaw detection of the high frequency steel pipe

 High frequency welding, HFI pipe

The quality of the detection of the high frequency steel pipe is particularly important in the production process due to its high efficiency.

Usually the high frequency ultrasonic testing of the steel pipe is divided into two kinds of online and manual ultrasonic flaw detection wave of the line frequency steel pipe installed in a production lineonline detection of the continuous production of steel pipe, an amount of defects will alarm, because the online ultrasonic testing equipment is automatic, will appear the phenomenon of underreporting and misstatements in the detection process, each batch of high-frequency steel pipeline even after manual ultrasonic pumping detection.

High frequency steel pipe using high-frequency welding due to its special production process, welding defects generally appear as fusion, but also because of its current, voltage controlled by the machine, an amount of high frequency steel pipe are usually incomplete fusion phenomenon long a high frequency steel pipe ultrasonic testing to determine more easily. But must require detection to detect fast and slow will affect the efficiency of the production, but also easily lead to the increased amount of steel pipe scrap.

High frequency steel pipe is generally after the completion of the high-frequency welding, using the doctor blade clear the weld, weld almost no more than to reduce the difficulty of the defect judgment, but should pay attention to the weld location in testing, to avoid judgments error.

Although the ultrasonic flaw detection of the high frequency steel pipe compared with submerged arc straight-seam pipe is simple, but it is the high efficiency of production, the quantity of product defects is also a batch, so the high frequency flaw detection of the steel tube is particularly important.

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