The matters needing attention during the unloading or loading process

As there are numerous types of steel pipe, the pipe damage will inevitably occur during loading and unloading, for these cases, are summarized as follows series of ssaw steel pipe related issues.

Specific issues as follows:
  • if the ssaw steel pipe is with thread at the ends, thread protectors should be provided. Lubricate the threaded or rust inhibitor. Grooving and according to the request, add a nozzle protector at both sides.
  • when the ssaw steel pipe loaded into the container, soft bedding moisture means such as textile fabrics, bedding are placed on the container. In order to prevent the spiral steel pipe scattered in the container, bundling or external protective stent of spiral welded steel pipe are acceptable.
  • spiral steel pipe packaging should be able to avoid loose and damaged during normal handling, transport and storage.
  • if the demand side has special requirements of the spiral steel packaging materials, it should be specified in the contract; if not specified, packaging materials and packaging methods are supply-side options.
  • packaging materials shall comply with the relevant requirements. If not require packaging materials, it should be in line with the intended use to avoid waste and environmental pollution.
  • thin-walled spiral steel pipe can be used, due to the thin walled tube, to support framework for the protection measures. Bracket and frame materials using the same materials with steel spiral pipe material.
  • the state provides the bulk way for the spiral ssaw pipe. If the customer requires bundling may consider appropriately, but must be controlled between caliber of 159mm to 500mm. Strapping and fastening material should be at least two strands twisted, and a modest increase in accordance with the spiral steel pipe outside diameter and weight to prevent loose.
  • the spiral steel pipe for certain length can not bale.
  • if the customer requires there is no bump and other damage in the appearance of the ssaw steel pipe, consider the use of protective equipment between spiral pipe. Protection devices can choose the rubber, rope, cloth, plastic, pipe caps.

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