Surface engineering oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, drilling machinery, oil pipelines, pumps, valves, transport equipment, tanks, reactors, a large number of large-scale failures are due to corrosion caused by wear.

The net result is not only caused the pipes, tanks, drill pipe, deep well pump damage and other facilities such as the leakage of crude oil in direct economic losses, but also cause fires, explosions and other catastrophic accidents, as well as environmental pollution, downtime and other serious consequence, greatly affected the safety and economic benefits.

Surface engineering technology can improve the surface properties of materials, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature performance. Surface works mainly by applying various surface coatings and coating techniques to form a mechanical, physical and chemical methods of surface modification. In the oil and gas industry, most of the equipment at high temperature, corrosion and other harsh environments, surface engineering is particularly important, including thermal spray technology, paint coating technology, electroless plating and laser surface treatment technology has been widely used in petroleum machinery, pipelines lanes and offshore oil equipment, not only can be used to repair parts, you can also extend the life and improve the overall performance, resulting in huge economic benefits.

Petroleum machinery mainly related to drilling, oil rigs used in engineering, fuel pumps, all kinds of casing tubing, sucker rods, drill bits and a variety of oilfield special car body parts. Most of these devices in harsh mining conditions in petroleum engineering field, many metal parts under load and accompanied by corrosion, wear, etc., causing them to fail prematurely damage occurred from shortened life shutdowns or replaced with new parts only increasing the material costs affect oil production, has brought about many losses.

In the oil pipeline, due to the external environment and internal multiphase media role in making internal and external pipelines are subject to different degrees of corrosion, resulting in serious consequences Endor. Pipeline failure for different forms and the environment, forming a complete system of pipeline corrosion. Currently the pipeline industry is the main application of surface engineering coatings coating process, while combining lining technology, mending techniques and insulation technologies.

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