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Steel pipe length requirement

The length of steel pipe exceeds the requirements, the ultra is poor said feet long, superimposed differential said short feet.
  1. tube length exceeded.
  2. Rolling unstable.
  3. did not control when cutting and so on.

Inspection found:
long tube and cut or sentence, short feet tube commuted or sentenced to waste. Control points have detailed provisions, the factory strictly according to the rules and post operation rules, technology regulations.

In addition to the online testing equipment (temperature, thickness, length, speed, etc.) by computer for slab and steel pipe production for micro testing and control, steel, pipe rolling, pipe processing three main factory inspection division also specially equipped with the technology, their duty is to slab, pipe rolling, pipe processing and production of each link, process, conduct supervision and inspection, and fill in process inspection record, for reference.

Steel pipe is not straight along the longitudinal direction of the pipe ends or rendered goose -shaped bend called "goose head bent."
  1. artificial heat seized when the local water caused.
  2. When properly adjusted straightening, straightening rolls badly worn.
  3. Sizing machining, assembly and improperly adjusted.
  4. lifting and transportation caused bent.

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