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Steel Pipe the hot coil inspection

Steel strips for carbon steel pipe producing 

  • Qualified supplier: Sunny Steel Co Ltd.
  • Hot rolling coil: Sunny Steel Co Ltd.
  • Manufacture process: The steel should be made in a oxygen blowing converter or an electric furnace and shall be full killed and fine grained suffering rolling controlled treatment.
  • Dimension, weight, length and tolerance
Width (mm)
Width tolerance (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Thickness tolerance min/max (mm)
Inside diameter of coil (mm)
Inside diameter tolerance (mm)
11.43/ 13.97

The hot coil shall be inspected before production according to the following requirements:

1. to re-inspect the supplier name, contract no, grade, heat no’, coil no, specification (width and W.T.) ;

2. to store the hot coil by the same specification and heat no.;

3. to inspect the workmanship of the hot coil:

- The surface shall be clean and in well condition;

- There shall not be any defects like cracks, scar, fold, blister and inclusion etc. on the surface;

- The steel sheet may contain the dents, gouge, score, or any other imperfection that has a depth not greater than 0.3mm and guarantee the specified min. wall thickness.

- There shall not be any defects like cracks, contractive hole, lamination etc. after edge cutting.

4. Re-test of hot coil’s chemical composition and mechanical properties.

- See the “Chemical Composition Analysis” and “Mechanical Properties Test”

5. Only after the hot coil qualified by the above tests and inspection, can it be used for production; 

The unqualified hot coilshall be tagged and stored separately.

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