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Stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings belonging to one of the fittings, it is so called stainless steel pipe fittings, which made ​​of stainless steel material, which includes:

Stainless reducer
Stainless reducer
Stainless steel reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size.
Stainless caps
Stainless steel caps
Stainless steel caps are usually used for protecting the end of pipe and other fittings,so the shape is disigned according to the shape of pipe line.
Stainless Steel Tee
High pressure reducing tee
We have a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in Stainless Steel Tee manufacturing.
Stainless pipe elbows
Stainless elbow 45 degree
45 degree
90 degree
90 degree
180 degree
180 degree

Stainless Pipe elbows are curved connecting pieces that join straight lengths of pipe, commonly at a 90° or 45° angle, allowing obstructions to be avoided in plumbing, ventilation, welding, and automotive applications.

Stainless stub end
Stainless stub end
Stainless Steel Stub End such as Stainless Steel Stub Ends ASTM A403, Stainless Steel Stub End 304L, Stainless Steel Stub End 316L, Stainless Steel Stub End 317

Material stainless steel grades:

Also known as "marine grade" stainless steel due to its increased ability to resist saltwater corrosion compared to type 304. SS316 is often used for building nuclear reprocessing plants.

Delivery requirment:
  • Marking: SunnySteel, material grade, standard, specification, heat no.
  • Surface Treatment: Bright annealed, polished outside and inside surface.
  • Package: knitting strip bundle, wooden box or steel box
  • Mill test certificate: according to EN 10204 3.2
  • Inspection: Third party inspection, or by clints
Socket weld stainless steel pipe fittings
Socket weld stainless steel pipe fittings is stainless steel tube inserted into the socket portion of the pipe and then along the edge of the circle tube do TIG fittings, is the most reliable of all connections connected.
Butt welded stainless steel pipe fittings

Butt welded stainless steel pipe fittings is stainless steel tube and fittings of the rim on the seam lap argon welding fittings, which normally takes plus welding welding.

The entrapment stainless steel fittings

Compression type fittings connection is reliable and secure, convenient and speedy construction suitable for embedded installation, and maintenance-free update, the economy is relatively superior characteristics.

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Stainless steel pipe fittings

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