Marine oil pipeline engineering

Marine oil pipeline engineering is Laying on the seabed to transport oil pipeline projects.

Marine oil pipelines including undersea oil and transportation pipelines, trunk pipelines and ancillary supercharger platform, as well as pipeline and platform connected competent part. Its role is mined in the offshore oil fields in the oil pooled the exports mooring tankers single point mooring or exports to onshore oil Depot. Transportation technology of marine oil pipelines and onshore pipeline. Marine oil pipeline project in the waters, and the method of construction onshore pipeline engineering.

Characteristics of the marine oil pipeline:

① large invest construction. The laying of a medium-caliber in normal sea marine oil pipelines need a pipelaying vessel, ditching the tug boats and more than 10 auxiliary operations of the large professional fleet. In addition, you also need a supply of materials, equipment and fuel vessels. Professional fleet rental costs are a major cost in the marine oil pipeline construction, resulting in the marine oil pipeline construction cost of 1 to 2 times higher than similar onshore pipeline to be higher due to the cost.

② high quality construction requirements. Whether during construction or put into marine oil pipeline accidents, maintenance is much more difficult than the onshore pipeline maintenance, marine oil pipeline construction to ensure quality.

③ changeable construction environment. Sea conditions change rapidly, such as the wind and waves are too large, difficult to maintain a stable construction fleet. In this case, often required the construction pipeline into the seabed, and then resume construction until the storms too.

④ complex construction organization. Marine oil pipeline construction, pipeline prefabricated fleet accessories, fuel and fresh water supply, the need to rely on the shore base; fleet location and the determination of the direction of movement, but also rely on radio shore bases to give closely with. Therefore, the construction characteristics of the marine oil pipeline construction land and sea joint organization.

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