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Maintenance requirements of flexible steel tube

1.If the flexible steel tubes haven't get well maintained, it will affect the progress of production. Here to introduce some of the common methods of maintenance of a flexible pipe:

2.To check whether the flexible pipe rack bolts tightened.

3.In order to avoid the flexible tube deformed and prevent heavy truck collision breaking the flexible tube rack, so as not to damage the flexible pipe, it can only put one turnover box on each crack of the ordinary flexible steel pipe to ensure a flexible tube weight shelves each IBC do not exceed 20 kg.

4.Check and ensure whether the caster brakes is released. And when the position of the flexible pipe rack is fixed, stop the brakes.

5.Remove and clean the early effect filters regularly, the cleaning cycle is generally 3 to 6 months. If do not wash for a long time, dust will affect the amount of intake air and reduce the clean effect. Generally after eighteen months, when the operating voltage of fan is adjusted to the highest point, while still can not reach the ideal wind speed, it means that the dust is too much accumulated in the HEPA filter.

The general use of HEPA filters for a period of eighteen months, but also based on actual usage.

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