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Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe合管
Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe合管可定制生产外径630-1200MM的管道,陶瓷层厚度可定制。
Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe合管 waiting for delivery
Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe elbow

The ceramic chip composite pipe utilizes the principle of ceramic-metal composite production technology, and special corundum ceramics made of AL2O3 as raw material and rare metal oxide as solvent through high temperature sintering at 1730°C are bonded, welded, inlaid, and riveted. Socket joint technology, a variety of wear-resistant ceramic pieces, brick materials composite wear surface in the pipe, thereby forming a surface with excellent wear resistance, and the matrix is ​​still using ordinary metal composite pipe. Kegen

According to different requirements, wear-resistant ceramic patches are selected to meet the technical requirements of users' special needs. Compared with the traditional all-metal high-alloy pipe fittings, the wear resistance of the working face is higher, and the overall wear-resistant and anti-corrosion service life of the pipe fittings can be increased by several times to several tens of times. The overall weight of the major decline, reduce the amount of steel, reduce the cost of equipment and maintenance costs, improve economic efficiency.

Ceramic patch composite tube main performance:

Ceramic SMD composite pipe has good wear resistance: the inner ceramic layer of wear-resistant ceramic pipe is wear-resistant engineering ceramics, its hardness (HRA) ≥ 84, and its wear resistance is more than 10 times that of high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings. . With a 5mm thick ceramic layer, its actual wear life will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear-resistant cast steel.

Ceramic SMD composite pipe corrosion resistance: use different wear-resistant ceramic materials, excellent corrosion resistance for different corrosion media, acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosion media and brine corrosion characteristics.

The ceramic patch composite pipe has good high temperature resistance: the wear-resistant ceramic itself has the high temperature capability of more than 1200 degrees Celsius. Through reasonable design and adoption of different composite methods, the wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings can operate in the -50°C to 800°C humidity range for a long period of time. It is especially suitable for lining of equipment such as high-temperature burners.

Ceramic SMD composite pipe reduces project cost: Wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings are mainly used for liquid-solid two-phase flow materials with belt particles and corrosive media. They are used to replace expensive stainless steel pipes, high-chromium cast steel pipes, and hard alloys. Grinding tubes can directly reduce the project cost while extending the service life. Product cost-effective, can save the cost of repair and replacement materials and time.

Ceramic tile lined pipes applications:

Power plant boiler pulverizing system pipelines, including, powder conveying pipelines, fine powder separator pipelines, coal falling pipes, primary air ducts, secondary air ducts, tertiary pipelines and burner pipes of the combustion system, ash removal from ash and slag discharge systems Pipeline, back powder pipeline, dry ash pipeline;

Iron and steel plant raw material transportation pipelines, material receiving pipelines, dust removal pipelines, ash discharge pipelines, ash-falling pipelines, batching pipelines, grinding outlet pipelines, coal-fired pipelines, pulverized coal pipelines, separator pipelines, burner round tubes, and other abrasion elbows;

Cement factory selection machine export pipelines, machine selection machine inlet pipe, dust collection pipe, vertical mill air outlet pipe, circulating air pipe, coal grinding high temperature fan duct, cutting pipe and other wear bent pipe;

Petroleum, chemical, mining, coal, coal washing plants, smelting, papermaking, aluminum, building materials, powder engineering, food machinery, processing and transportation of various types of materials.

Ceramics with very low friction factor at low impingement angles decreases the abrasion of materials maximally. Its low density makes it easy to carry and install. Furthermore, its diamond-like hardness, fine grain structure and superior mechanical strength are the unique features that make it a wide range of demanding applications, such as coal preparation, power generation, iron and steel making, cement, asphalt, dredging, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas drilling.

Metals have good ductility but poor resistance to abrasion - which means that abrasion prevention is required when metal pipes are used in high-temperature fluid catalyst service. On the other hand, ceramics possess great hardness and abrasion resistance, but they are brittle. Metal Ceramic double pipe is a hybrid pipe using metal as an outer pipe and a ceramic material for inner pipe segments, applied together to utilize the two materials' advantages. Hence excellent wear-resistance and good corrosion resistance of the ceramics and high strength and toughness of metal can be well combined to get a comprehensive advantage of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and anti-scaling. They are suitable for applications in heavy wear working conditions.

Ceramics are among the hardest materials available and provide ultimate wear resistance in piping. In high wear applications, ceramic lined pipes have been demonstrated to be cost-effective by increasing service life and reducing maintenance costs. Sunny Steel supply ceramic lined abrasion resistant steel pipes to your custom dimensions and budget. Our ceramic linings are the highest quality materials available to ensure that we provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

The Ceramic Tiles could protect Industrial Components against abrasion, impact wear and high temperature of above 1000°C. Standard Flat Tiles of Square & Rectangular Shape having thickness of 6 to 50 mm, with or without central hole are available.

Suggested Usage of the Ceramic Tile lined pipe reducering:
Ash Pipe & Elbows Add-Mix Transport Lines Coal Piping Clinker Chutes
Chutes Coal Conduit Lining Coal Handing Chute Lining
Fan Lining Pulverizer Housing Liner Coal Mill Pulverizer Cone Lining
Bumer Feed Pipes Classifer Cone Lining Cullet Chutes & Hoppers
Cyclone Lining Downcomer Pipe Lining Coal Mill Exhauster Lining
Fan Housings Drag Convey or Lining Coal Mill Pulverizer Lining

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Abrasion resistant pipe

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