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Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe

Large diameter ceramic tile lined pipe can be customized production diameter 630-1200MM pipe, ceramic layer thickness can be customized.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe
High temperature resistance, excellent wear resistance.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe waiting for delivery
Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe waiting for delivery

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe using ceramic-metal composite production technology to AL2O3 as raw material to rare metal oxide as solvent, the high temperature sintering 1730 ℃ made of special corundum ceramics, through bonding, welding, mosaic, riveting and Socket technology, a variety of wear-resistant ceramic pieces, block brick material in the pipe wear surface, thus forming a surface with excellent wear resistance, while the matrix is ​​still using ordinary metal composite pipe.

According to different needs to choose wear-resistant ceramic patch, to meet the special needs of users of technical conditions. Compared with the traditional all-metal high-alloy pipe, the work surface wear resistance is higher, you can make the overall wear-resistant anti-corrosion pipe life several times to several times. The overall weight of mate down to reduce the amount of steel, reducing the cost of equipment and maintenance costs, improve economic efficiency.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe main performance:

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe wear resistance: wear-resistant ceramic elbow lining ceramic layer for the wear-resistant engineering ceramics, the hardness (HRA) ≥ 84, its wear resistance is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe more than 10 times The Using 5mm thick ceramic layer, the actual wear life will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear-resistant cast steel.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe corrosion: the use of different wear-resistant ceramic materials, different corrosive media with excellent anti-corrosion properties, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media and halogen salt corrosion characteristics.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe high temperature performance: wear-resistant ceramic itself has a resistance to high temperature above 1200 degrees Celsius, through a reasonable design and use of different composite methods, wear-resistant ceramic pipe can be in the range of -50 ℃ to 800 ℃ long-term operation , Especially suitable for high temperature burner and other equipment lining.

Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipe to reduce the cost of construction: wear-resistant ceramic pipe is mainly used for conveyor belt particles of liquid-solid two-phase flow material and corrosive media, used to replace expensive stainless steel pipe, high chromium cast steel pipe, Grinding pipe, can directly reduce the project cost, while extending the service life. Product cost-effective, can save maintenance, replacement materials, the cost and time.

Suggested Usage of the Large diameter ceramic lined tile pipeing:
Ash Pipe & Elbows Add-Mix Transport Lines Coal Piping Clinker Chutes
Chutes Coal Conduit Lining Coal Handing Chute Lining
Fan Lining Pulverizer Housing Liner Coal Mill Pulverizer Cone Lining
Bumer Feed Pipes Classifer Cone Lining Cullet Chutes & Hoppers
Cyclone Lining Downcomer Pipe Lining Coal Mill Exhauster Lining
Fan Housings Drag Convey or Lining Coal Mill Pulverizer Lining

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Abrasion resistant pipe
Abrasion resistant pipe usage
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