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How To Distinguish Inferior Round Pipe

Seamless tube and pipes
The inferior round pipe is light red or similar the color of the iron without metallic luster. The inferior material rolling temperature does not reach the standard. Usually the steel temperature is checked by visual inspection. The process of round pipe cannot follow the rules of austenitic area of rolling, so the performance of torque tube does not meet the standards.

Inferior round pipe is easy to fold. The folding is formed on the pipe surface of the pipe line. This defect is often throughout the whole product. Due to pursue high efficiency, the manufacturers will reduce the production process and the elements of raw materials. So the round pipe is easy to crack.

On the surface of the pipe, there is often pitted surface phenomenon. The pitted surface is caused by worn groove steel irregular uneven. The pipe manufacturers often lead to the groove rolling exceeding the standards in order to pursue great profits.

The transverse bar of pipe is thin and low, and it often appears discontent phenomenon. In order to get large minus tolerance, pipe manufacturers use large rolling reduction, small iron mold and groove without filling.
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