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Welded steel pipe & tube

Welded steel pipe (steel pipe manufactured with a weld) is a tubular product made out of flat plates, known as skelp, that are formed, bent and prepared for welding.

High-frequency welding(HFW)

 High frequency welding, HFI pipe

Welding, use of resistance heat generated by high-frequency current in the workpiece when the workpiece welding surface heating to the melting or close to the plastic state, then apply (or not imposed) upset force to achieve the combination of the metal.

Therefore, it is a solid-phase resistance welding method. According to high-frequency current to generate heat in the workpiece, the high-frequency welding can be divided into contact with high-frequency welding and high frequency induction welding. Exposure to high-frequency welding, high-frequency current through the contact with the workpiece mechanical incoming workpiece. Induction of high frequency welding, high-frequency current through the workpiece external coupling of the induction coil and the workpiece induced current. High-frequency welding is a specialized strong welding method, according to the product is equipped with special equipment. Production rate, welding speed up to 30m/min. Mainly used for manufacturing pipe, longitudinal seam or spiral seam welding.

The principle of high frequency welding - with the help of high-frequency current skin effect can make the high-frequency electrical energy, which is concentrated in the surface of the weldment, and the use of the proximity effect, but also control the location and extent of the high-frequency current flow path. Requiring high-frequency current is concentrated in a part of the weldment of conductors and solder and conductor of the current loop near the weldment parts, making them among a neighboring conductor, we can achieve this requirement . Frequency welding is based on the specific form and the special requirements of the weldment structure, the main use of the skin effect and proximity effect, the weldment to be welded at the surface of metal to rapid heating of welding.

High-frequency welding has the following characteristics:
  • Because the current is highly concentrated in the welding area, heating speed, and thus the welding speed can be as high as 150 ~ 200m/min.
  • Quick welding speed and strong welding pieces are not only the heat-affected zone, but also less prone to oxidation, so the weld microstructure and properties of very good.
  • Before welding weldment surface can not clean up work and increase efficiency.
Using its specialist expertise in high frequency welding, TWI has supported industry with a range of project and consultancy work which has included:

  • mechanical properties of welded pipe
  • metallurgical studies on welds
  • defect examination
  • optimisation studies on HF butt welding of tailored blanks
High frequency welding
High-frequency welding
is a solid resistance heat energy.
  • testing facilities for fracture mechanics studies
  • corrosion & metallurgical test equipment
  • non-destructive testing
  • process advice & troubleshooting
  • tailored training courses

All SSE's Pipes and fittings are conducted to ISO 9001 quality standard
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