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High frequency welded (HFW) pipe production

High frequency welded (hfw) pipe production process is relatively simple, fast continuous production characteristics in the civil construction, petrochemical, light industry and other sectors have wide applications. Most used for transporting low-pressure fluid or made into a variety of engineering components and light industrial products. High frequency welded (hfw) pipe is based on the exchange of charges in the conductor and the skin effect, eddy current heating effect and proximity effect, so that the weld edges of the steel locally heated to a molten state, the roller of the extrusion, the crystals butt welds achieved indirectly together, so as to achieve the purpose of weld. Steel is a high frequency induction welding, it requires no weld filler, no welding spatter, weld heat affected zone narrow, beautiful welding molding, welding good mechanical properties, etc., so in the production of steel has been widely applied.

It is the use of high-frequency welded steel AC skin effect and proximity effect, by roll forming of steel, the formation of a cross section of a circular tube is disconnected, the inner tube near the center of rotation close to the induction coil or a set impedance is , the impedance tube opening is formed with an electromagnetic induction loops in the skin effect and proximity effect under the action of tube opening edge creates strong centralized thermal effects, the weld edge rapidly heated to the desired temperature by pressure welding roll extrusion, the molten metal to achieve indirect co-crystal after cooling to form a strong butt weld.

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