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How to get rid of surface stains of cracking tube

Boiler tubes

How to get rid of surface stains of cracking tube follow the steps below:
The first step is to clean, we must first petroleum cracking tube surface oil, dirt, grease, and some other substances removed. The second step is naturally acid, generally speaking, there are two pickling treatment, a chemical treatment, another treatment method is electrolysis, which can be handled in two ways petroleum cracking tube surface cleaning clean, but chemical pickling is a pipeline anti-corrosion measures.

The third step is necessary to use the tool to the surface of the oil cracking pipe polished, although the effect may not be very good polish, but this procedure is also indispensable. The final step is to make the surface of petroleum cracking tube jet, one can remove some of the dirt, the second is to make the roughness of petroleum cracking tube more evenly.

For petroleum cracking tube defects formed on the surface there are many, but certainly there are a lot of different reasons, the specific form of the crack is different, often found defective for its appearance on petroleum cracking tube we can see, the main reason for its main form by the following points. In fact, for the production process, the emergence of various drying phenomena of its raw materials for steelmaking summer rainy season or when it will produce up to steel gas content's sake.

In the process, the ingot when heated due to heating of the air bubbles are burned through, it will have more cracks after the rolling, which will meet the petroleum cracking tube relatively thin, dense and sizes, its length ranging from cracks, these things collectively referred to as hairline, this is a defect. So the cause of the surface oil cracking tube defects are many, so we have to remedy. After oil cracking pipe handling, appearance becomes smoother, more beautiful. Although after the rust will not affect the use again, but if we do the work in advance, so do not bother it. We buy petroleum cracking tube among the first to note that it is not a strong corrosion resistance, have a longer life does not have to select a high-quality petroleum cracking pipe products that can reduce our future work a lot of trouble.

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