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FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) coating

+ Anti rust process

Heavy duty epoxy thermosetting powder coating, also known as fusion bonded epoxy powder coating, referred to as FBE, which is a kind of air as a carrier for transport and dispersion of solids coatings applied to iron and steel products in the preheated surface, melting, leveling, curing to form a uniform coating.

FBE of each particle is uniformly contains all components, the operation of the coating process and the coating formed has a continuous and stable uniformity.

FBE epoxy powder antisepsis structure: electrostatic spraying epoxy powder coated surface of the pipe, one film. The coating has a coating operation is simple, clean, coating impact resistance and flexural properties, temperature resistance advantages. Since FBE has excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and durability, it is widely used in land, underwater, undersea pipelines such as anti-corrosion coating for pipelines in various environments provide a long-term low-maintenance and reliable operation guaranteed.

FBE powder coating methods are: electrostatic spraying method, a thermal spraying method, the suction method, a fluidized bed method. Pipe friction electrostatic spray coating commonly used method, aspiration or thermal spraying; Pipelines generally take electrostatic spray coating method; shaped pieces using fluidized bed or electrostatic spray method. These types of spraying a common characteristic, that before spraying the workpiece is preheated to a required temperature, the powder melts on contact i.e., heat the coating continues to flow, further leveling cover the entire surface of the pipe, particularly in the pipe the surface of the depression, and both sides of the weld, the molten fill paint flow, the coating and steel closely to minimize porosity, and cured within the specified time, the final water cooling stop the curing process.

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