ERW pipe welding process

Pipes in industrial production and civilian sectors have a wide range of applications, for water, oil, gas and other fluid transported using the pipeline has a convenient, fast and low cost several advantages, especially in long-distance transport process, which can show it advantages in the long course of the inner wall of the pipe is formed on the deposition or dirt.

Electric Resistance Welded Pipe
+ Electric Resistance Welded Pipe

If the pipeline will form scale or private dirt, will form the inner wall of the pipeline grease or wax accumulated in the industrial gas pipeline will also form coke coke and other dirt. The dirt deposited in the pipeline fluid greatly increases the resistance during transport not only the transmission efficiency and the power consumption required for transporting fluids also increased significantly. Dirt will cause corrosion on the pipe material and cause serious damage to pipe rupture, transmission fluid leakage losses, and even cause shutdown. Pipeline corrosion is often caused by contaminated pipeline transportation Economically, the main safety significant harm. With the increase in pipe and pressure pipe increased age increased, run run, drip, scaling, corrosion, plugging and explosion emerging pipeline not only will these failures appear normal production and life will be adversely affected to people's lives and property caused irreparable damage, so the need for regular cleaning of the pipeline. Clean pipes according to the specific circumstances of different scaling using a variety of methods, such as using acid, alkali or surfactant aqueous solution of chemicals closed loop pipeline cleaning, you can also use ultrasound, water jet, or other physical means to dirt peeled and removed from the wall but lighter in the early stages of pipe scale adoption Erw pipe welding process may be a simple, low cost but good effect method. Erw pipe welding process in the industry, also known as Erw pipe welding process.

Pigging is a special polyurethane material shaped like a bullet of materials, shrink resistance, high strength. Erw pipe welding process technology to remove pipe scale, sediment or foreign body for the purpose of a technology. Its working principle is put into Pig launchers after launching the forward direction of the media in Pig pressure difference, the formation of forward thrust, the Pig advancing along the pipeline, during operation, Pig slightly deformed. Pig itself or its attachments in the customs fouling constantly in contact with the wall, squeezing against fouling, scrapers, erosion, vibration broken, remove the pipe structure, sediment and foreign matter. At the same time, the medium in the tube wall through said cooking Pig gap formed annulus is formed when the high speed jet, its role in the front region is formed like a vacuum, is conducive to the operation of Pig, and the scraped The impact of fouling slag, stirred and timely discharge tube, effectively prevents dirt accumulation of residue in the tube to avoid the clogging phenomenon.

Pigging is characterized because it is composed of polyurethane foam with good flexibility so that, in the conduit line of the elbow, tee fittings and small pipe section can be bent easily through and has good wear resistance, it is possible to walk long distances in the pipeline. In cleaning up to several kilometers and the shape of complex mechanical cleaning pipes or jet cleaning has difficulty using Erw pipe welding process can often better to complete cleaning tasks.

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