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Disadvantage of steel pipe

Steel pipes are traditionally being used for conveying water and gases because of their hollow structure associated with strength, durability and elasticity. Steel pipes are beneficially used where high resistance is required to withstand internal and external pressure.

But there are many disadvantages of steel pipe in production are following bellows:

Outside diameter tolerance
Foreign economic control standards than steel, more than the positive tolerance become big foreign economic relations, foreign economic relations than negative tolerances become smaller; a tolerance of plus or minus all the ultra-poor, through the large oval .

Steel surface showed continuity pits

External scarring
Scar regular distribution of steel outer faces

Green Line
The outer surface of the pipe was rendered symmetrical or asymmetrical linear bar marks

Knock deflated
The outer pipe surface depressions, which projections, no damage to the wall thickness

Wall thickness tolerance
Linear type pipe wall thickness, tube exceeds the tolerance range, mostly thin, occurs when the rack more

Steel tube bending occurs in the head or large cooling bed

Appearance of scratches
The outer surface of the pipe into a straight groove

Steel pipes can beneficially be used where high resistance is required against shock or vibration.

Fluctuating pressure involved in static head or shock pressure arising from water hammer can be withstood by the use of steel pipes. Steel pipes are used in water pipes, fire sprinkler systems and pipe networks that carry flammable gases. Carbon steel pipes with carbon contents are subjected to rusting and the consequent corrosion. Due to atmospheric oxidation, ferric oxide is formed that separates away from the surface as flakes. This surface corrosion is arrested in stainless steel pipes or in galvanized steel pipes. In the former case chromium is alloyed with steel and the surface coating of chromium oxide arrests further corrosion. Similarly, galvanized steel pipes, with surface coating of zinc checks rusting of steel pipes when exposed to the atmospheric condition.

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