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Cold forming performance

Cold forming is not performed in the case of heating the material for punching, bending, stretching and other processing methods. Cold forming processes are cold heading, cold rolled, forging and so on.

Cold forming straight seam welded steel pipe relative to the seamless steel pipe, which has a large diameter, lower production costs for the production of steel carrier with columns, large span structures and wind and seismic structure of the tower mast. Cold formed sheet steel is made ​​by cold bending type welded straight seam welded round steel pipes generally have one or two straight weld.

Cold working process is mainly present in the volume of the machine will be there along the rolling direction curled steel molding hydraulic machine will be in the direction perpendicular to the rolling direction of the steel plate with a long head in a continuous progressive compression molding and continuous cold roll forming machine will strip and then on the basis of cold forming welded steel pipe, the author of this object of study for the volume and pressure pipe tube. Cold forming is essentially lower than the recrystallization temperature of steel plastic bending, roll forming steel sheet produced by the plastic deformation is large, and is accompanied by hardening. So steel by cold molding process, in general, as well as strength and hardness increased ductility and toughness tends to decrease.

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