Cold formed steel

Cold rold steel pipe

Steel pipe delivery status(condition) Cold forming is not heated in the case of material punching, bending and stretching of processing. Cold forming process are cold heading, cold-rolled, forging and so on.

Cold-formed steel refers to the use plates or strip bent in a cold state of the various cross-sectional shape of the finished steel. Cold-formed steel is an economical lightweight thin-walled steel cross-section, also called cold-formed steel profiles. Bending section steel is the main material of light steel structure. It has a hot rolling can produce all kinds of thin, reasonable shape and complex cross section.

Cold-formed steel is one of many varieties of steel in one, a certain width of the strip, under normal temperature conditions through a set of rolls arranged vertically, and gradually deformed, to meet the requirements of shape and size, and then cut into appropriate sizes length. This product is cold-formed steel. Of course, also has a stamping, bending or other deformation methods drawing cold-formed steel. But the roll forming method is suitable for high-volume industrial production, product quality, processing costs, production efficiency unmatched by other methods, is currently a major producer of cold-formed steel technology. If the unit is equipped with welding equipment in (such as high-frequency welding, welding, etc.) but also the production of cold-formed steel sections closed. Cold-formed steel and welded steel main differences are: welded steel pipes are mainly used for conveying fluids such as gas, water. Oil, gas, steam and so on. Requirements steel to withstand a certain pressure, and cold-formed steel is used to manufacture structures to withstand external force on beam cross-section shape, dimensions and mechanical properties have certain requirements.

main advantages of cold formed steel:
  • compared with the thick hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel can be processed into suitable smaller loads and shorter span.
  • can be obtained economically unusual cross-sectional shape by cold forming, to obtain a satisfactory strength to weight ratio.
  • considering the compact packaging and transport of produce can be nested section.
  • no telescopic gravity environment becomes invisible.

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