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Cast Iron Pipe

Cast Iron Pipe
Cast iron pipe form tubes with cast iron casting.

The cast iron pipe is used for water supply, drainage and gas pipelines, which includes a cast iron pipe and fittings.

Labor intensity. Accoring to casting methods, it is divided into continuous cast iron pipes and centrifugal cast iron pipe, including centrifugal cast iron pipe is divided into two kinds of sand and metal. Material is divided into gray cast iron pipe and ductile iron pipe. Form of interface is divided into flexible interface, flange interface, self-anchored interface, rigid interface. Among them, flexible cast iron pipes, rubber ring seal; cast iron works of the flange interface flange is fixed, padded rubber flange gasket seal; rigid interface cast iron pipe socket, straight tube inserted, sealed with cement, this process is available now basically eliminated.

Nominal diameter of the continuous gray cast iron pipe is 75 to 1200 mm, socket or flange disk interface in the form; functions can be divided into the two kinds of flexible interfaces and rigid interface. Straight pipe length of 4 m, 5 m and 6 m; LA, A and B, three different points according to wall thickness. Sand centrifugal gray cast iron pipe of nominal diameter of 200 to 1000 mm, the effective length of 5 m and 6 m; according to wall thickness of different sub-P, G, two. Strength, toughness, thin wall metal with less able to withstand high pressure,

Nominal diameter of ductile iron pipe is 80 to 2200 mm, compared with gray cast iron pipe, high strength, good toughness, thin wall metal with less able to withstand high pressure, the effective length of 5 m, 6 m and 8 m; wall thickness of different points of P, G two. Is the development direction of the cast iron pipe.

Pipe connection is between the tube socket or flange disk interface in the form; functions can be divided into two kinds of flexible interface and rigid interface. Flexible joint sealed with a rubber ring, allowing the corner and the displacement of a certain limit, so it has good shock resistance and sealing, fast, easy to install than rigid interface by different casting methods, the labor-intensity.

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