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API American Petroleum Institute standard --API (American Petroleum Institute) abbreviation.

API was built in 1919, is one of the first US national Chamber of Commerce Association, is also one of the earliest and most successful developing worldwide standards Commerce Association.

API Monogram Forensics Product Catalog
  • API Spec 1B oilfield triangle belt - triangle belt
  • API Spec 2B structural steel pipe - steel pipe
  • API Spec 2C Offshore Crane - level maritime station discouraged machine
  • API Spec 2F chain - flash butt welding chain
  • API Spec 2H Offshore carbon manganese steel pipe fittings --42 grade steel plate, 50 steel grade steel plate
  • API Spec 2MT1 offshore structures rolled carbon steel to improve the toughness - 2MT1 grade manganese steel plate
  • API Spec 2W offshore structural steel plate by thermal control process (TMCP) production of
  • API Spec 2Y offshore structures quenched and tempered steel plate
  • API Spec 4F drilling and work over derrick
  • API Spec 5B casing, tubing and line pipe thread processing, measurement and inspection
  • API Spec 5CT casing and tubing
  • API Spec 5D drill
  • API Spec 5L line pipe
  • API Spec 5LC CRA (corrosion-resistant alloys) pipeline
  • API Spec 5LCP continuous pipeline
  • API Spec 5LD covered with corrosion-resistant alloy or lined steel pipe
  • API Spec 6A wellhead equipment and oil gathering tree
  • API Spec 6AV1 ground operations and underwater safety valves verification tests at sea
  • API Spec 6D pipeline valves (gate valves, plug valves, ball valves and check valves)
  • API Spec 6H tube end plugs, connecting pipe and joint activities
  • API Spec 7 rotating drill pipe component
  • API Spec 7B-11C specification with a reciprocating internal combustion engine for oil field
  • API Spec 7C-11F install an internal combustion engine, the recommended maintenance practices
  • API Spec 7F wells with a chain and sprocket
  • API Spec 7K drilling equipment
  • API Spec 8A Drilling and Production Hoisting
  • API Spec 8C Drilling and Production Hoisting (PSL1 and PSL2)
  • API Spec 9A steel rope
  • API Spec 10A well cement
  • API Spec 10D bow spring casing centralizers
  • API Spec 11AX rod pump and accessories
  • API Spec 11B sucker rod
  • API Spec 11E pumping unit
  • API Spec 11IW independent Wellhead Equipment
  • API Spec 11L6 beam pumping unit of electric prime mover
  • API Spec 11N mine automatic oil metering equipment
  • API Spec 11V1 gas lift valve, orifice, return valve and balancing valve
  • API Spec 12B bolted storage tanks
  • API Spec 12D oil field welding tanks
  • API Spec 12F factory welded tanks
  • API Spec 12GDU glycol natural gas dehydration unit
  • API Spec 12J oil and gas separator
  • API Spec 12K indirect oil heater
  • API Spec 12L vertical and horizontal off Milk
  • API Spec 12P glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks
  • API Spec 13A drilling fluid materials
  • API Spec 14A underwater valve device specification
  • API Spec 15HR High Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe
  • API Spec 15LE polyethylene (PE) pipeline
  • API Spec 15LR Low pressure fiberglass pipeline
  • API Spec 16A drill through equipment
  • API Spec 16C traffic saving and well pressing specification
  • API Spec 16D well control equipment control system
  • API Spec 16R marine drilling riser joints
  • API Spec 17D subsea wellhead and oil gathering tree equipment
  • API Spec 17E subsea production control lines
  • API Spec 17J bonded flexible pipe
  • API Spec 17K unbonded flexible pipe

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